Grey Street

Brisbane Artist Bruce Reynolds was commissioned to complete artworks for BCEC on Grey Street. “Art and Place” comprises 5 paintings, 16 wall panels and 6 sculptures. He makes pictorial objects from linoleum, paint and photography as well as architecturally integrated relief work in concrete and Axminster carpet. Through the use of such materials he pursues his interest in relationships between pattern, history and the built environment

The Grey Street Ground Floor Foyer, provides the main showcase for his art works, Pamphlet, a work of three components over different media.

“The architectural design is a unifying force for the art work with the building providing an ideal setting and creating a moment where architect and artist come together.”

Pamphlet which is the artist’s largest public art work to date comprises external installations of polyhedral forms or ‘gems’, alcove linoleum collages and scattered relief panels, hand carved with various colourless patterns.

The work is named after Thomas Pamphlet, a convict and castaway who was marooned in Moreton Bay and who led John Oxley to the Brisbane River. In his work, which he describes as ‘ambitious’, Bruce Reynolds draws together the elements of the early settlement of the Brisbane River, the landscape, trade, industry and the current usage of the BCEC on Grey Street site. His ‘Gem’ installations also feature images of South Bank during the 2011 flood.