Developed by Executive Chef, Matthew Arnold and his talented team, this Menu focuses on authentic food, crafted from quality raw ingredients with fresh produce the undisputed hero.

“Devising the Menu was a genuine collaborative effort; creating new ways to hero our wonderful Queensland produce is a process we all enjoy. This year we also continued our work with native Australian ingredients and flavours, infusing them into dishes for everyone’s enjoyment,” Matthew says.

The Centre maintains its strong commitment to supporting Queensland growers and local businesses. “We have a long history of advocacy for Queensland produce and working closely with our local farmers, fishers and producers.” he says.

The mission of Matthew and his team is to curate inventive menus that surprise and delight the Centre’s clients and guests, and to encourage healthy and sustainable dining choices.


Executive Chef, Matthew Arnold is passionate about reducing food waste through sustainable practices in the Centre’s kitchens and through building relationships with local charities.

To this end we have invested in an upgraded organic dehydrator, one with greater capacity to manage organic waste from the Centre’s busy kitchens. The dehydrator reduces waste by up to 80% with the by-product a high concentrate soil fertiliser.

BCEC also partners with locally based Emmanuel City Mission, a daytime sanctuary providing care and support for those most vulnerable in the neighbourhood, helping with meals for the Mission’s daily patrons.



Our Menus


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Our kitchen caters for all dietary requirements, allergens, religious and lifestyle choices. Every dietary request is expertly prepared and delivered. The Executive Chef and the Centre’s systems and quality assurance specialists are trained in the identification, handling and labelling of all allergens.

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Locally Sourced

The Centre is committed to sourcing local fresh produce from Queensland depending on seasonal and environmental conditions and will source Australia-wide for the very best produce if not available locally.

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The Centre’s kitchens are at the forefront of our sustainability and community activities, improving energy efficiency, minimising water usage, reducing waste to landfill and supporting local charities.

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BCEC is proud to be an #eatqld partner promoting Queensland produce and supporting local growers, as well as being listed as a business on the Queensland Government Food and Beverage Supplier Directory.

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