Our determination to be a sustainable business is absolutely fundamental to the daily operations of our Centre. We work tirelessly with clients, guests and suppliers to minimise the impact our events have on our environment.

Tangalooma eco marines

BCEC + Tangalooma EcoMarines

BCEC is a proud partner and supporter of Tangalooma EcoMarines, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to protecting the marine and wildlife in our spectacular Moreton Bay and local islands as well as the rivers and estuaries that feed into the bay.

BCEC EcoMarine ambassadors help to create awareness of local environmental issues that affect the marine habitat and wildlife population of the Bay through both education and action.

EC Gold Certified Logo 2019

Earth Check Sustainability Certification

We have EarthCheck Gold Certification for our environmental practices and achievements. The global certification program acknowledges the Centre’s compliance to the highest environmental standards.

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Our green initiatives

The Centre’s escalators are sensor driven resulting in a 30% reduction in escalator energy usage

Our organic food waste dehydrator turns 100kg of organic waste generated by the Centre into 10kg of SoilFood™ a nutrient rich safe to handle soil enhancer. This is donated to the City Parklands Services and used in the South Bank and Roma Street Parklands.

The Centre is an official QLD FluoroCycle Signatory. FluoroCycle is part of the National Waste Policy which seeks to increase the national recycling rate of waste mercury-containing lamps.

Recycled water is used to clean the facility’s roof, approx. 37,500m2. The process of blocking storm water drains and redirecting water to collection containers recycles 170,000L for reuse and preventing pollution from entering the storm water system.

309.42 kilowatt solar system on our Grey street building, generating 40% of our Grey street building’s power and 18 per cent of the entire Centre’s power requirements.

Energy saving LED lighting system for the Centre’s Exhibition Halls, Concourse and Car Park equipped with bluetooth smart lighting control facilitating daylight harvesting.

Want to know more?

To learn more about our green and sustainability initiatives, download and read.

Containers for Change

Containers for Change is the Queensland Container Refund Scheme that has been introduced to help reduce litter and recycle some of the 3 billion beverage containers that are generated in our state each year, with 10c given for each eligible container that is returned. As part of this initiative, BCEC has rolled out Containers for Change bins in front-of-house and back-of-house locations for guests and staff to redirect beverage containers from our usual recycling streams. The funds raised through this initiative will be donated to charities close to the hearts of BCEC staff.

More information on charities to follow.

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We are proud to have a very active Community Engagement Program, which encourages our people to have a positive social impact on the local and wider communities.

Recent Projects

RSPCA Pop Up Adoption: BCEC hosted the fourth RSPCA Pop up Adoption Day. Dogs, cats, puppies and kittens converged on the Centre from all over Queensland and 30+ BCEC team members volunteered on the day. This event was an astounding success with an incredible 276 animals finding homes.

Salvation Army Community Christmas Lunch: the Centre host its annual Community Christmas Lunch for families of the Salvos many communities offering a little hope and cheer to those most in need at Christmas time. This is the 10th year that the Centre, with the help of our suppliers and other supporters, has partnered with the Salvos in providing a traditional Christmas Lunch for 500 adults and children.