The research and scientific sectors dominated the conference agenda at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) during 2015 right up until the final weeks of December, bringing some of the worlds’ leading experts in these fields to Brisbane.

Brisbane Cancer Conference 2015 with 600 delegates was the closing conference for the year with 600 delegates over the two day event. The second in the Brisbane based series, the conference brought together top cancer researchers to advance collaborative efforts in cancer treatment.

This event, just one of 52 science related conferences on the 2015 calendar, was held in association with the Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners, with conference coordinator Professor Ken O’Byrne calling the meeting a remarkable success with significant outcomes and prospects for future conferences.

This event was preceded by back to back international scientific meetings, Immunotherapy@Brisbane and TropAg 2015.

Both were inaugural meetings in key sectors where Brisbane has world leading research expertise.

Two Nobel Laureates and 20 leading international experts in the immunotherapy space were among the 225 delegates attending the Immunotherapy@Brisbane Conference, the first of its kind in this field.

BCEC Convention Advocate, Professor Rajiv Khanna, Deputy Coordinator, Immunology at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, says Queensland is leading the world in immunotherapy, with QIMR Berghofer at the cutting edge of this new field of research and treatment.

“Immune based therapies are emerging as one of the most powerful strategies to treat cancers, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders. More than 100 patients have participated or are currently participating in clinical trials with QIMR Berghofer and early clinical responses indicate that immunotherapy is not only showing effectiveness in training the body to fight cancer, but also improving the quality of life of patients post treatment.”

Professor Khanna said the conference provided the perfect platform for the world’s leading experts in the field to come together to discuss the scientific breakthrough.

By 2050 the world’s population is predicted to reach 9.6 billion with food production needing to increase by 70% with the greatest demand being met in the world’s tropical areas – a statement at the very heart of the inaugural TropAg 2015 conference.

BCEC Advocate, Professor Robert Henry, Director, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation, an alliance between the University of Queensland and Queensland Government, said the goal of the conference was to bring together many of the leading scientific voices and participants in the field.

“With the University of Queensland a global leader in agriculture – ranked number seven in the world and one of the few research universities located in the tropics – Brisbane was an ideal location to hold the conference which investigated the advances in agriculture and food for the tropics.”

Professor Henry said the conference attracted 470 delegates with more than 10% attendees from overseas and well beyond the initial target of 350, ensuring the conference’s return to BCEC in 2017.

BCEC’s successful Convention Advocates Program is an influencing factor in securing major international scientific meetings for Brisbane. BCEC Advocate-assisted conferences have resulted in $73.2 million worth of economic benefit to Queensland and play a pivotal role in promoting Brisbane’s scientific reputation.

BCEC General Manager, Bob O’Keeffe said the Advocates Partnership Program continues to drive growth in international conventions for Brisbane facilitating the sharing of knowledge and expertise across the international research sectors that could one day ultimately change lives.

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