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Bringing brighter, bolder, healthier food to your event.

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Dietaries. Revolutionised.

With 20% – 30% of all meals today the subject of dietary requests, it is an increasing challenge for any event planner.

We’re tackling the growing trend head on with the establishment of a dedicated Special Dietary Kitchen in a bid to streamline the process, enhance the product offering and completely overhaul the dining experience.

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The Fill up on Life Menu

Sun-soaked days and endless summers mean Queensland life is bursting with flavour and colour, and so it’s no surprise our approach to food and drink is bold, fresh and overflows with vitality.

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The Nourish Mentality Menu

We’ve crafted our Nourish menus around the flavours and nutrients that will feed the type of energy and atmosphere you want at every stage of your conference or event.

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Our menus feature the very best produce Australia and Queensland have to offer but wherever you see the above icon, you can be assured we have sourced ‘Queensland First’, and are offering you and your guests a uniquely authentic and invigorated taste of our local cuisine at its best.

We believe the unbeatable freshness and intensity of Queensland flavours does more than inspire your tastebuds, it inspires the energy of your event!


We were very proud when our clients voted us the World’s Best Convention Centre in the International Association of Congress Centres, APEX Award 2016 -18.   In a survey of national and international clients the Centre was the top performer in Food & Beverage, with double the ratings of other international convention centres.


David Pugh Executive Chef BCEC

The name David Pugh, one of the architects of Brisbane’s fine dining scene, is synonymous with inspirational and innovative cuisine.

Recipient of numerous hats and awards with his own Restaurant Two, and former Queensland Ambassador Chef, David is now delighting guests at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in his new role as Executive Chef.

With an impeccable culinary pedigree, David has carved out a stellar career working with some of the world’s finest chefs in New Zealand, in the United Kingdom at London’s famous Connaught Hotel and here in Australia, where his unabating passion for local produce has provided his inspiration and remains central to his cooking today.

A champion of Queensland produce, David has traveled extensively throughout the state during his four years as Queensland Ambassador Chef, developing a strong rapport with suppliers, which he continues to maintain today. His style of modern Australian is perfectly complimented by the beautiful fresh seasonal produce available in Queensland – the food bowl of Australia.

“I believe in letting the food speak for itself by enhancing the natural flavours, using citrus and salsas instead of the more traditional sauces. I would love to see a more plant based menu, where the vegetable is more the hero food,”
He takes the helm of a team of highly experienced and talented chefs who bring their culinary expertise from all corners of the globe, share a love and enjoyment of food, and delight in creating memorable dining experiences.

But it’s not only the Chefs, our entire Food & Beverage Team is passionate about delivering contemporary, cutting edge food, expertly matched with a carefully selected wine. Service excellence is what collectively drives our team in pursuit of delivering the complete dining experience for our guests.

Food & Beverage Director, John Gaudin says his objective is to take dining experiences at the Centre to a new level. “Certainly food is the main component, but the experience is the sum of all parts – it is the high standards of personal service, the ambience, the warmth and friendliness of the hospitality”

Regional Food

In Queensland  we are blessed to be able to access an abundance of the best quality fresh local produce.  Our famous seafood is sourced from the pristine waters of the Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay coastal areas

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are from Queensland’s Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley, one of the top ten most fertile farming areas in the world and often referred to as Australia’s salad bowl

Our home grown beef comes from Warwick and the famous farming areas of the Darling Downs and the Scenic Rim.

Executive Chef David Pugh and his team  work closely with local farmers and producers to source the very best of our local seasonal produce. In searching out new artisan products and those of special nutritional value, Chef David works with the Centre’s consultant dietitian, Kerry Leech who also works with the Queensland Firebirds and Netball Australia and knows what stimulates the taste buds but also what provides much needed energy and vitality.

The Centre is committed to sourcing 80% of produce from Queensland – depending on seasonal and environmental conditions and will travel Australia-wide to secure the very best produce if not available in Queensland.


Ethical and Sustainable Produce

Our entire food philosophy is based on sourcing product from local suppliers where and whenever possible. This is our culture and the passion we share for quality and sustainability in everything we do and how we go about our business.

Our sustainability work practices in the kitchens are across the board, reducing water waste, energy efficiency and reducing waste to landfill. Our ultimate goal is to have zero food waste and to this end the Centre has installed an organic waste food dehydrator which reduces the total volume of collected food waste by 85% producing a dry nutrient rich biomass which is used as a soil enhancer for Brisbane’s Roma Street and South Bank Parklands.

The Centre’s kitchens are at the forefront of our community activities including donating more than 140,000 prepared meals to Foodbank to help feed Brisbane’s homeless.

Dietary Requirements

The Centre caters for all dietary requirements – allergens, religious and lifestyle choices. Up to 25% of all meals served at an event can be classified as special dietary requirements and can result in individual dietary requests for up to 600 or more for some events.

Every individual special dietary request is expertly handled by the kitchen and delivered directly to the person.  The Executive Chef and the Centre’s systems and quality assurance specialists have received training in the identification, handling and labelling of allergens.

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Trust the world's best

The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre has been awarded the Apex Award by the AIPC association for receiving the highest client rated service out of any convention centre world wide.

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