• The BCEC Car Park Pass entitles you to a card that allows entry/exit into any of BCEC’s three Car Parks
  • Car Parking spaces are unreserved and availability is not guaranteed
  • Monthly parking passes are intended for use for a single vehicle only. Multiple vehicle exits on a single monthly pass is prohibited and will result in suspension (or cancellation) of the pass
  • The pass will run from the first day of a calendar month until the last day of a calendar month
  • All payments are to be made in advance – refer payment methods below
  • No refunds are available for any unused or cancelled parking passes

Payment Methods

Type 1

  • Credit Card details are given to BCEC to schedule monthly payments
  • All payments will be scheduled to occur on the 28th day of the month prior (ie 28th Jan for Feb parking)
  • An invoice will be issued once the payments have successfully processed

Type 2

  • An invoice will be issued by the 15th day of the month prior
  • The invoice will contain a link to ADVAM secure payment portal where payment can be made by Credit Card only
  • Payment of this invoice can also be made by EFT, Cash or Cheque directly to BCEC. Cheques to be made payable to Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • All payments will be due by the last business day of the month prior (ie due 30th Jan for Feb parking)

Unsuccessful Payments

  • If a successful payment has not been received by the last business day of the month prior the pass will be suspended/cancelled
  • Late payments will be accepted however the pass will still only run until the last calendar day of the month
  • Late payments are not able to be processed on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays
  • No credit will be given for daily payments made whilst the pass was suspended/cancelled due to payment not yet received

New Applications

  • Applications may be received at any time during the month
  • If a pass is to commence mid-month then a pro-rata payment will be applied. This pro-rata payment will be equivalent to one-thirtieth (1/30) of the Monthly Pass rate per calendar day remaining in that month

Cancellation Notice

  • Type 1 Passes – Notification must be received by the 23rd day of the month for cancellation of the following month (ie 23rd Jan to cancel for Feb)
  • Type 2 Passes – No notification required, passes will be cancelled if payment is not received